Cursos para Julio 2011 INA

INA courses in Perez Zeledon.
 Course Assistant for the Elderly

Course of the care, feeding, exercise and social inclusion for the elderly people.
Days: Monday and Tuesday from 1 to 7pm.
Requirements: 9 th year and selection process approved
Starts: July 4 to May 2012

Food Handling Course

Starts July 12.
Online mode. All you need is Internet access.
It is aimed at all types of restaurants and related food service.
Requirements: Mayor 15 years, read and write and basic math operations.
More info at:

Entries in the INA P.Z.
Address: San Isidro de Perez Zeledon, Barrio Villa Ligia,
                     Refrigeration Mata 100 meters south
Phone: 2771-4130 / 2771-7002 Fax: 2771-2148
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