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This month: 4 is committed to the promotion of ecotourism in Costa Rica and information all around the world of eco-themed projects which work in virgin forests, protected areas and the abundant of trees, plants and animals. People concerned by environment are here.

But why promote ecotourism?

First, it is because we want to conserve natural resources and second, because we want to evenly distribute wealth and income between communities.

Unlike luxury tourism (all inclusive) where the majority of tourism revenues remain in the hands of one company that also with the aim of selling the image of "extreme luxury" all-inclusive, so you have to sacrifice natural resources in the process of the project, sacrifices as deforestation, soil removal, removal of mangroves (and any kind of bugs), elimination of wetlands, etc etc.

What we want in Costa Rica and other places is a development according to the environment.

The kind of Eco-tourism projects that are being developed are mostly in compliance with the trees, wetlands, coexisting with nature and even their "bugs" we are all part of the same plot - net, this has started a new way of Real Estate bussiness compromised with the environment because many of the investors are looking for ways to take care of the natural resourses.

This does not mean in any way that we have no luxury projects or is uncomfortable, in contrast, means that the luxury and amenities offered are carefully planned to preserve the environment.

You can enjoy beautiful hotels, but most of them for no more than 80 people or in case of bigger projects, each room-unity (Bungalow, cabin) is dispersed in the forest and using around 10% or 20% of the total forest area of the Ecolodge , eco hiking tours down the mountain, luxurious villas (house rentals) with beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean and surrounded by abundant nature, whale and dolphin watching tours in protected areas, ecological Hotels with recycling projects and committed to the communities, bird watching tours, among many others.

Ecotourism cured everything! Uvita, Dominical, Perez Zeledon, Puerto Jiménez, Golfito, etc)
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