Puerto Jimenez

Puerto Jimenez is one of the villages with more eco-tourist boom of the south, the Corcovado National Park is almost the heart of this development.

Puerto Jiménez is the gateway to the Osa Peninsula and the Corcovado National Park, facing the Golfo Dulce in southern Costa Rica. 

Puerto Jimenez was formerly known as Mina de Oro, which created a population growth in a short time. This particular feature, as well as banana cultivation, turned Puerto Jimenez into a small but important town, with easy access by land, sea and air. Puerto Jimenez is now one of the most developed towns on the Osa Peninsula, and recently (2010) has been given fully paved access road from Chacarita to the village, which has made both travel time and quality of the trip is much better than before.

Today much of the commercial prosperity of the people is because of turism, which is why many businesses have been developed to offer to local and foreign tourists. 

Puerto Jimenez is located in front of the sea and you can see the sea ever since you arrive.

The climate is humid, and temperatures are around 38 degrees Celsius (100.4 ° F)in summer; in winter it rains a lot, but in summer is very dry and without doubt one of the biggest summer attractions are its many rivers with clean waters, where anyone can cool off, take a dip in a pool and even enjoy fishing in the River. 

In Puerto Jimenez there is a hospital, and many grocery stores, companies that sell hardware, building supplies, restaurants, shops, cabins and hotels. In short, here you can meet all your basic needs. 

The total population of Puerto Jimenez is around 15000 people, with about 500 foreigners, mostly Americans, who live there part of the year. 

Services Available

Electricity, telephone, fax, Internet, branch of the National Bank of Coopealianza, clinics, schools, shops, supermarkets, garages, tourist information centers, hardware stores, car rental, satellite TV, Gas station, laundry, internet café, souvenirs, etc. 

You will have access to an airport. The flights will allow you to arrive or leave from Puerto Jimenez to San Jose in just 55 minutes. 

Where to Eat

In Puerto Jimenez, the food supply is plentiful, from cafeterias or "Sodas" (which offer typical Costa Rican food: gallo pinto, married, pot of meat, etc) to Restaurant, Pizzerias and fast food places, among others. 


Where to stay

The lodging options in Puerto Jimenez also are large, some hotels offer very low prices, others are more dedicated to international tourists and therefore prices are higher at these hotels, but there are also cabins, Vacation Rental homes, Eco-lodges, and others. 

Most hotels in Puerto Jiménez are within a few meters from the beach, some are beachfront and have incredible views of the ocean. 

But another characteristic of the lodges in Jimenez is that you can enjoy green lodging options, from campsites in the middle of the mountains, to beautiful and comfortable ranch, apartment or hotel with eco-oriented services.

What to do

At Puerto Jimenez there are many choices of activities, there are some of the most famous: Sport fishing, kayacking, ecotourism, birding, animal watching, hiking in Corcovado National Park, fishing, visiting the Indian reservation Guaymi, among others.

Getting to Puerto Jimenez

Once you arrive in Costa Rica, you can choose from the following options to get to Puerto Jimenez.

By Air

There are 2 airlines flying to Puerto Jiménez: Sansa and Nature Air, they fly daily from San Jose to Puerto Jimenez. It's a beautiful flight with stunning views of the Golfo Dulce. The flight takes about 50 minutes.

It is important to note that there is a restriction on the amount of luggage you can carry and only allowed 25 pounds per person. Any extra weight will cost 45 cents per pound.

It is necessary to make advance reservations, and be 45 minutes before departure at the airport.

Sansa: Tel: (506) 221 - 94-14

Nature Air: Tel: (506) 220-30-54

Driving / Car hire

Driving from San Jose to Puerto Jimenez takes about eight hours of travel and may choose between two paths, one through the mountains, full of natural scenic beauty, and another along the coast near the beach (taking the Costanera highway).

It is a pleasant trip but sometimes, especially in the winter, the streets are in good condition. It's a good idea not to drive at night.

1. The Costanera Road: From San José you have to drive to Jacó - Quepos, then continue for the same way and Dominical is at 45 km South of Quepos. All this road will be near the beach at your right side. Once you are in Dominical, continue to Uvita, from Uvita you have to drive around 1,20 h, then you will see at your right hang the Gas Station called "Chacarita", once there, head around the corner on your right and go straight in direction to "Puerto Jiménez", around 40 mins from Chacarita. Once you are in Puerto Jiménez, you are in the doors of Corcovado, and you can choose where to go into Corcovado, if taken the La Leona gate or Los Patos.

2. The Panamerican way: You can drive in route to San Isidro Pérez Zeledón, this is the mountain road, you will pass the highest mountains in Costa Rica, the weater is "cold", no, it´s fresh and full of wonderfull views, around 2 hours from San José you will be in the entrance of San Gerardo de Dota, if you want take a look at this great place .

If you continue the road by the Interamerican HWY, then you have to climb over the mountains, and then go down from the mountains, around 3 hours from San José, you will reach the biggest city in the South, San Isidro. Once there you have to go strigh in the same HWY don´t take any other, and pass this city, you have to travel 2,5 hours and you will see at your right hang the Gas Station called "Chacarita", once there, head around the corner on your right and go straight in direction to "Puerto Jiménez", around 40 mins from Chacarita. Once you are in Puerto Jiménez, you are in the doors of Corcovado, and you can choose where to go into Corcovado, if taken the La Leona gate or Los Patos.

Bus Transportation

The trip from San Jose to Puerto Jimenez will take about 9 hours. The new buses have air conditioning and the trip is tiring, only recommended for Adventurer .

No reservations are necessary. Still, for more information, call "Transportes Blanco" once in San Jose at (506) 2257-4121. You can see the bus schedule fro Transporte blanco Fron San Isidro to Jimenez here.

Boat Ride

The boat trips are available from Golfito to Puerto Jimenez, leaving the dock at 7am Golfito to Puerto Jimenez. And from Puerto Jimenez to Golfito at 5 am. The trip takes 20 mins.
Or From Palmar Norte, you may take a boat down the Sierpe River to Drake bay. Duration from Golfito: 1 ½ hours or 45 minutes.

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