Keto Foundation

The Keto Foundation was born in 2003 in the hands of a group of young professionals who decided to innovate in the way of how  marine conservation is done in Costa Rica. Thus, a non-governmental, non-profit organization focused on conservation activities and sustainable management of coastal marine resources was founded. 


The purpose for which we work in Keto is needed to guarantee the knowledge necessary to promote the responsible use of coastal marine ecosystems.  Based on this mission, the Foundation Keto works under a framework of serious institutional, social and environmental responsibility in conjunction with the country's coastal communities, so as to achieve overall marine conservation success stories.  We are currently working under the framework of three programs, in which we have developed several projects over several years: 


This program is intended to manage the scientific knowledge necessary to facilitate the management of coastal and marine resources 


To this date, the Keto Foundation is developing applied research projects for the conservation of marine resources. Our efforts have focused on the Osa. We have also studied the occurrence and behavior of many coastal species, including humpback whales, bottlenose dolphins, spotted dolphins and false killer whales. The results of our research are available to all those who take management decisions and natural resource management. In fact, our studies have provided a basis for better decision making in management plans of various Conservation Areas and were even critical to declare our Exclusive Economic Zone as the Whale and Dolphin Sanctuary. 

Environmental education 

As part of marine conservation, Keto Foundation, in each project, has a space for lectures, outreach and education sectors. We believe that we can only protect what we feel is ours, and for that, we need to know it. 


This program seeks to improve national capacities to provide specialized care of cetaceans (dolphins and whales) and sea turtles when they run aground on the coast, are trapped by debris or injured by fishing gear or other human activities. To this end, we work to train community leaders, volunteers, tour guides, captains, and Coast Guard so they can attend the best way an emergency related to whales and sea turtles. 


This program aims to promote responsible tourism practices in users of coastal and marine resources. In this sense, we work closely with the owners and masters of passenger vessels engaged in the activity of whale watching, snorkelling, kayaking, including measures to enhance its activity on a voluntary basis and environmentally responsible. 

Be a responsible tourist 

The contribution we make to be responsible in our consumption practices and behavior is really significant for the marine ecosystem.We can make a difference when we choose to follow responsible tourism companies on voluntary national regulations on behalf of the environment. 

Be a godfather to one of our programs 

Resources for research and conservation have become limited, especially for the marine habitat. Any donation of equipment in good condition, goods and services and money make a difference for our programs to stay alive.  To learn more about our work, visit or want to contribute to the conservation of coastal marine ecosystems, you can contact us by phone 2281-2205 or email  You can also contact us on facebook: Keto Costa Rica  Also received donations in the accounts of Keto:  Banco Nacional de Costa Rica: $ 100-2-192046-5  Banco de Costa Rica: ¢ and $ 001-0250758-7 001-0250757-9  Credits: Damián Martínez /


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