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Yes you are having problems from living the way you want, maybe you need help, this is the point where you can change your life. I invite you to communicate with me!
I have a lot of knowledge and extensive experience with the method of healing the inner child , which I have studied and applied over the past 15 years.
I love to listen to people with stressful situations and problems and especially give my help and see the excellent results obtained.
I have worked with many people , applying this method with excellent results. Helping them to improve their lives in different areas such as:
  • Improve and harmonize the relationship.
  • Educating children with love (no aggression) .
  • Achieve your dream job .
  • Increase your self-esteem .
  • Achieve their goals.
  • Achieve smart handling emotions.
  • Among many other things .
The therapy to relieve inner child issues help adults identify why he or she has a strong emotional reaction towards something or someone , because it always repeats the same behaviors .
It is done by reviewing our childhood , becoming adult , the father and mother of the injured child and healing their wounds.
Reviews of children is performed by removing the memories through photos, discussions , meditations , visualizations, and more. With therapy , heal the wounds of the inner child and allow the adult to have a healthy and happy life!
The price of a consultation call or video call with skipe or by phone call is: 
Price per visit $ 49 (U.S. dollars) 
Price For: 
6 visits $ 252 (U.S. dollars) 
8 queries $ 312 (U.S. dóalres) 
The price per email consultation is $ 20 (U.S. dollars) 
Payment is made by paypal
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  • Pérez Zeledón San José
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