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Eco Bungalow in Costa Rica.

Cabins in costa ricaBook Eco Bungalow, activities and transport in one single place.

Here you will be able to book directly with the Eco Bungalow owner the room you need, but you also will be able to see features, photos, check the discount offered by eco Bungalow owners and more.

The Eco Bungalows catgory is a very wide open category because some owners offer Ranchitos, other cabins or appartments, some are very luxury others not, some are little houses. What is a Eco Bungalow? it deppends of the same owner definition. But here all list is exclusively by owners who take care of the environment, not just offer accomodations, they require the visitors restrict the use of resourses like electricity, water. This kind of cabis offer ways to minimize the impact on the environment of activities of the guests.
Other Eco Bungalows have conservation projects who take care of animals or environment.
These are the kind of eco Bungalows you have listed here.

This list is filled up by the same eco Bungalows owners, for that reason in most of the cases prices are right and descriptions, but some times no.

Cabin listing Features

Here you will see the eco Bungalows in the area and each eco Bungalows have description, photos, map with exact location, you can book activities (from other companies in the same area) and transport (from the Car rental companies in the area).

 Honeymoon (0)
 Adventure (1)
 Luxury (1)
 Golf-Spa (1)
 Families (1)
 Hiking (1)
 Bird Watching (1)
 Beach (1)
 Aquatic (0)
 Ecotourism (0)
 Mountains (1)
 All Inclusive (1)
 Other (0)
 All (1).
Yes you want to enjoy a completely sustainable place surrounded by nature, this is your choice, with excellen...
City: la fortuna castillo
Theme: Adventure, Luxury, Golf Spa, Families, Hiking, Bird Watching, Beach, Mountains, All Inclusive,
Budget: Economic, Luxury,


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