The hole in the ozone layer is unrecoverable

Many says that the hole in the ozone layer is unrecoverable and this is a lie because every second is forming new ozone.
Ozone production is an effect that occurs naturally in the upper atmosphere when two oxygen atoms bind to an isolated atom oxygen forming a trio, these trios are called ozone.
The natural and normal oxygen molecule is O2, or two oxygen atoms. That is the oxygen we breathe and allows the survival of all living things in nature.
Our atmosphere is full of oxygen and when it is high in the atmosphere naturally the O2 molecules bind loose oxygen atoms, these unions form the O3 (ozone), this is an unstable molecule and sufficient that a beam of energy as hit for forming separates O2 + O again, but the advantage is that the energy beam hit the ozone molecule lost its energy in that interaction.
That is why we say that the Ozone protects us from the strong radiation effectively because ozone helps us to eliminate much of the strong radiation absence would reach living beings on the surface, causing mutations, burns and problems in living.
But the man loose many substances, gases into the atmosphere that decompose O3 molecules very quickly, as in the case of CFCs (chloro fluoro carbon) which are substances that interact quickly with ozones and decompose.
The problem is first CFCs interact and a higher rate than the natural formation of new oxygen occurs.
Blissfully according to new measurements, the ozone hole has been declining due to international measures and pressures.
Today ozone shield helps us as it is in the whole atmosphere and is recovering slowly. That helps not to get so much energy to Earth and thereby global warming does not affect us much.


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